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What are Luminaria?

In the US, on Christmas Eve you might see lit candles in white paper bags along driveways and streets. I’ve also found definitions of luminaria as “an alter lamp”

lu·mi·nar·i·a/ˌlo͞omə'ne(ə)rēə/ Noun: A Christmas lantern consisting of a votive candle set in a small paper bag weighted with sand and typically placed with others outdoors...(in New Mexico) A Christmas Eve bonfire (Merriam Webster Dictionary via Wikipedia)

For this project, they will be inscribed,translucent, porcelain vessels that will glow when lit. All the luminaria will be displayed together as one "piece."

We all have hopes and dreams and prayers that we offer up. If you’re willing to share with me, I’d like to include your prayer. Each will be transcribed onto a porcelain luminary and included in the display.

If you’d like to participate, please send your brief wish, hope, or prayer to the email below and I’ll inscribe it on one of the luminaries. I may not be able to use them all, but I hope to!

Note: these are smallish; a few words or brief phrase works best.

Not sure of final display location/dates but will update here when determined.

So far there are 200 and counting!